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Vankateshwara Temple

Indore Venkatesh Mandir famous temple in middle of Indore. Temple was built under guidance of Swamiji Shri Chaturbhujaacharyaji who often visited Indore. Temple land was gifted by one of disciple of Swamiji of Indore.

After some time, his successor Swami Shri Keshwacharyaji constructed temple where he placed idols of Venkateshwara, Laxmiji and Ramanujaacharyaji and did “Praan Pratistha” of idol on ashada shukla dooj samvad 2027 and that day is now celebrated as foundation day of temple i.e Brahmohtsav and Rathyatra Mahotsav for seven days where as in Indore India’s thirth largest chariot festival is celebrated where near about 25-30 thousand people participate. In Indore temple many festival in brahmohtsav like Kalyan Utsav, Swaran Rajat (Gold ,Silver) Kamal Aarchana, Parkal lila, Pranay Kalay lila, special fool bunglow etc. are carried.